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Legal Stuff

Quick Introduction

This page's purpose is to clarify the usage of the third-party contents of this website and prevent any complaint and if there is one, solve it.

Any legal inquiries might be directed to

Licensed Imagery/Text

EarthBound/MOTHER by Nintendo/APE/Shigesato Itoi

As you might've noticed, there are plenty of references to this game on this website's ambience; such as the background or error pages, This is intended as a mere homage to a beloved cult series and have no commercial intent.

But in case of any problem they'll be gratefully removed from the site.

Software Credits

EarthBound Battle Backgrounds JS by gjtorikian

"Earthbound Battle Background JS is exactly what its name implies: the battle backgrounds from the SNES RPG Earthbound/Mother 2, rendered entirely in client-side JavaScript."

-The description of the EarthBound Battle Backgrounds JS website.

This piece of software mainly designed by Garen J. Torikian is a brilliant piece of software which renders animated web versions of the abstract backgrounds utilized in the previously mentioned game «EarthBound», just as he and the name implies.

I modified the code for external usage (i.e.: Easy web embedding/styling) while keeping its source code open
So, all the credit goes to Garen, which allowed me to use the battle backgrounds on my website and stuff!
Thank you!
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